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The Expert Working Group on Cataloguing Standards was established by TPSAC in February 2009 to review and update the "Standards for USMARC Records" issued by the National Library of New Zealand in 2000. The Standards for USMARC Records were originally issued as minimum requirements for cataloguing on the National Union Catalogue (NUC).

 The Expert Working Group decided in its first planning session that the revised cataloguing standards needed some context and supporting information.  The Group opted for a wiki solution as a way to work together to review the “standards” and provide that supporting information.

 The "Standards for USMARC Records" have now been renamed as “Quick Guides”. The USMARC tags have been replaced by MARC21 tags and the content updated to reflect changes in AACR2r.  The Quick Guides" are available on this freeware PbWorks wiki at: . The Guides are available as wiki pages and as a word document on the home page.

The “Quick Guides" are supported by cataloguing recommendations for bibliographic and holdings records as well as information about the National Union Catalogue and library cataloguing standards.

The wiki is not available for general editing however the Expert Working Group think that there is potential in time for the wiki to be used as a joint working space for cataloguers contributing to the NUC.

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