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Archived MARC format authority files

MARC format authority files

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June 2016: nzauth39i22 nzauth39i23 nzauth39i24 nzauth39i25 nzauth39i26

April/May 2016: nzauth39i14 nzauth39i15 nzauth39i16 nzauth39i17 nzauth39i18 nzauth39i19 nzauth39i20 nzauth39i21

March 2016: nzauth39i09 nzauth39i10 nzauth39i11 nzauth39i12 nzauth39i13

February 2016: nzauth39i05 nzauth39i06 nzauth39i07 nzauth39i08

January 2016: nzauth38i52 nzauth39i01 nzauth39i02 nzauth39i03 nzauth39i04

December 2015: nzauth38i48 nzauth38i49 nzauth38i50 nzauth38i51

November 2015: nzauth38i44 nzauth38i45 nzauth38i46 nzauth38i47

October 2015: nzauth38i39 nzauth38i40 nzauth38i41 nzauth38i42 nzauth38i43

September 2015: Nzauth38i35 Nzauth38i36 Nzauth38i37 Nzauth38i38

August 2015: Nzauth38i30 Nzauth38i31 Nzauth38i32 Nzauth38i33 Nzauth38i34

July 2015: Nzauth38i26 Nzauth38i27 Nzauth38i28 Nzauth38i29

June 2015: nzauth38i22 nzauth38i23 nzauth38124 nzauth38i25

May 2015: nzauth38i18 nzauth38i19 nzauth38i20 nzauth38i21

April 2015: nzauth38i13 nzauth38i14 nzauth38i15 nzauth38i16 nzauth38i17

March 2015: nzauth38i09 nzauth38i10 nzauth38i11 nzauth38i12

February 2015: nzauth38i05 nzauth38106 nzauth38i07 nzauth 38i08

December 2014/January 2015: nzauth37i48 nzauth37i49  nzauth37i50 nzauth37i51 nzauth37i52 nzauth38i01 nzauth38i02 nzauth38i03 nzauth38i04

Please note that nzauth37151 is much larger than usual because of the RDA updating of name/title authorised access points involving the music medium of performance statement

November 2014: nzauth37i43 nzauth37i44 nzauth37i45 nzauth37i46 nzauth37i47

October 2014: nzauth37i39 nzauth37i40 nzauth37i41 nzauth37i42

September 2014: nzauth37i35.mrc nzauth37i36.mrc nzauth37i37.mrc nzauth37i38.mrc

August 2014: nzauth37i31.mrc nzauth37i32.mrc nzauth37i33.mrc nzauth37i34.mrc 

July 2014: nzauth37i26.mrc nzauth37i27.mrc nzauth37i28.mrc nzauth37i29.mrc nzauth37i30.mrc

June 2014: nzauth37i21.mrc nzauth37i22.mrc nzauth37i23.mrc nzauth37i24.mrc  nzauth37i25.mrc  

NZNB deletions

March 2016: NZNB authority deletions 1603

February 2016: NZNB authority deletions 1602

January 2016: NZNB authority deletions 1601

December 2015:  NZNB authority deletions 1512

November 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1511

October 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1510

September 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1509

August 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1508

July 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1507

June 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1506

May 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1505

April 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1504

March 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1503

February 2015: NZNB authority deletions 1502

December 2014/January 2015: NZ authority deletions 1412-1501

November 2014: NZNB authority deletions 1411

October 2014: NZNB authority deletions 1410

September 2014: : NZNB_authority_deletions_1409  

August 2014: NZNB_authority_deletions_1408

July 2014: NZNB_authority_deletions_1407

May/June 2014:  NZNB_authority_deletions_1405_1406

April 2014: NZNB_authority_deletions_1404