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Authority Files

On this page you will find-

  • Recent Library of Congress subject headings for New Zealand subjects
  • NZNB deletions 
  • MARC format authority files

Recent Library of Congress subject headings

The following New Zealand subject headings have recently been added to the Library of Congress subject headings list:

Porirua Harbour (N.Z.)

Taranaki, Mount (N.Z.) (changed from Egmont, Mount (N.Z.))

Archived subject headings - archived from October 2011.

NZNB Authority Record Deletions, April/May 2016

This is the final monthly list of NZNB authority record deletions on the National Union Catalogue following its replacement by Te Puna view on WorldCat in May 2016.

NZNB authority deletions, April/May 2016: NZNB authority deletions 1604/1605

New Zealand Authorities in MARC, July 2016:

This is the final monthly list of authority records in MARC format because of the replacement of Voyager by Alma in August 2016.  

As an added service, we are now including an attached set of files containing authority records in MARC format. These files include authority records created or changed by National Library cataloguers over the previous month. We hope you find these records useful should you choose to load them back into your local catalogue.

Note: To open, save to a local file, then open in NotePad.





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Archived MARC format authority files and NZNB deletions