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Māori Subject Headings

Ngā Ūpoko Tukutuku - Māori Subject Headings

Ngā Ūpoko Tukutuku are available at

On the website you can also find downloadable files of the authorities for your library system, and also of bibliographic records where the headings have been applied.  The bibliographic records are sourced from the National Union Catalogue and include a special load of material handled in a retrospective project by Victoria University of Wellington - a big thank you to our friends there.  If your library is currently applying headings retrospectively to an area of your collection, please let us know at so we can share this work with the rest of the country.

We are delighted that we have completed all outstanding requests as far as possible. Te Whakakaokao welcomes requests for new terms. Please don’t hesitate to send in requests, queries and suggestions to We would love to hear from you.  Note: new term requests should be based on materials being described, so please include details of the item that generated the request to ensure that an appropriate heading is established.


Iwi-Hapū Names

The Iwi-Hapū Names List ( is a related resource also managed by the Māori Subject Headings Governance Group.  Names from this list can be used as LCSH headings in bibliographic records by adding (New Zealand people) as a qualifier.