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National Library of New Zealand Policy on Tables of Contents


This policy applies to works in scope for the NZNB, and both NLNZ and ATL music collection items. 
Non-NZNB print titles (except music scores) acquired for the NLNZ collections do not need contents notes.
Non-NZNB titles acquired for the ATL collections have contents notes added following existing instructions under ATL cataloguing notes.


Add a table of contents to:

  1. Conference proceedings

  2. Edited collections of papers/chapters by different authors

  3. Musical sound recording collections

  4. Collections of scores

  5. Literary collections of individual authors or various authors (including poems, drama, essays, short stories)

  6. Collections on DVD

  7. Work of a single author if the cataloguer judges that chapter titles provide more information than title and subject headings combined


Add a partial table of contents to:

  1. Conference proceedings with only some papers by New Zealand authors.


Do not add a table of contents: 

  1. if contents titles have no information value (e.g. quirky or humorous headings that don’t contain keywords for searching)

  2. if contents effectively repeat what is already covered by the title and statement of responsibility area


Last updated: October 4, 2018 (JHS)