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Cataloguing Policies of New Zealand Libraries

This page contains links to and information on cataloguing policy decisions made by New Zealand libraries

Auckland Libraries Cataloguing Policies

National Library of New Zealand Cataloguing Policies

RDA Policy

  • RDA policies for the NLNZ now sit in the global workflow section of the RDA toolkit as

    • NLNZ RDA Attributes Policy

    • NLNZ RDA Relationships Policy

    • NLNZ Agent and Series Policy

  • RDA maps for the following formats are available in the global maps section of the RDA toolkit as

    • NLNZ Art Catalogues workflow

    • NLNZ Cartographic Resources map

    • NLNZ Compilations flowchart

    • NLNZ Monograph map

    • NLNZ Moving Images map

    • NLNZ Music Scores

    • NLNZ Music Sound Recordings

    • NLNZ Non-Music Sound Recordings

    • NLNZ Resources issued together (including tete-beche and parallel language expressions)

    • NLNZ Revised editions

    • NLNZ Standards documents map

    • NLNZ Web sites map

    • NLNZ Whole part relationships workflow (including tete-beche and resources issued together)

  • If you do not have access to the toolkit and would like clarification on an RDA-related cataloguing decision from the NLNZ, please contact us at


Last updated: December 6, 2018 (JHS)