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National Union Catalogue


About the National Union Catalogue

The National Union Catalogue (NUC) reflects the collections of New Zealand libraries and the New Zealand National Bibliography. It is a central database of catalogue records to which New Zealand libraries contribute bibliographic records and holdings information. It is also used as a source of catalogue records by libraries throughout New Zealand. Its economic value has been documented.


Contributing to the NUC

NUC cataloguing Standards


  • 280 member New Zealand libraries 
  • 4 million bibliographic records

  • 13 million holdings records


Contributing to the NUC

Libraries can contribute to the NUC by directly adding cataloguing information using Te Puna WebCat and the Te Puna Cataloguing Client. Some libraries provide a file of records which are batch loaded to the NUC. And some New Zealand libraries use OCLC Cataloguing Services and these records are supplied to us as batch loads from OCLC.
Library holdings in the NUC are sent onto OCLC for inclusion in WorldCat. Errors for the holdings in the National Union Catalogue can be reflected in WorldCat.


Variant names


National Bibliographic Database (NBD)
New Zealand Libraries’ Catalogue
New Zealand National Union Catalogue (NZNUC)


  • OCLC & WorldCat provide access to the collections of the world's libraries.
  • OSMOSIS  is a developing batchload service which improves the accuracy of library holdings on the NUC


NUC as a  Service

The National Union Catalogue is available as a free service on the

National Library website at:


One catalogue record for one bibliographic entity

The NUC strives to contain one catalogue entry for each bibliographic item or a group of items with similar bibliographic characteristics (e.g. multi part work) through de-duplicating the catalogue entries for each New Zealand library catalogues.  There are some issues maintaining equivalence for library holdings in individual New Zealand libraries catalogues and the National Union Catalogue. These issues can be caused by human and machine error.