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Genre headings for New Zealand serials

The genre heading used for cataloguing New Zealand general serials is:

655 _7‡a New Zealand periodicals. ‡2 local ‡5 Nz

It should only be used when there are no other subject headings, or the other headings do not approximate the whole of the periodical being catalogued.


The genre heading used for cataloguing New Zealand newspapers is:

655 _7‡a New Zealand newspapers. ‡2 local ‡5 Nz

Used for newspapers covering national and international news. It is also added to all community newspapers.


The genre headings that may be used for New Zealand published ethnic newspapers are:

655 _7‡a Maori newspapers. ‡2 local ‡5 Nz

655 _7‡a Chinese newspapers. ‡2 local ‡5 Nz

655 _7‡a Samoan newspapers. ‡2 local ‡5 Nz

These headings are always used with the genre heading New Zealand newspapers.


There is also a genre heading for children's periodicals:

655 _7‡a Children's periodicals. ‡2 local ‡5 Nz

It may be used in conjunction with New Zealand periodicals if appropriate.

Last updated: October 5, 2018