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NUC Batchloading Service

Many libraries supply a file of library catalogue records to the National Union Catalogue for batch loading.

The National Union Catalogue is a MARC21 compliant database. When new bibliographic records are batch loaded to the National Union Catalogue they are matched on MARC 21 tags. The better the match the less likelihood that duplicate records will be created on the National Union Catalogue.

The Quick Quide for Full Bibiliographic Records and Quick Quide for Full Abbreviated Records contain information about MARC21 fields for good matching and duplicate detection.

Here are some tips for bibliographic records:


  • They must have valid coding in the Leader 000/05-7 (record status, type of record and bibliographic level).  Without these fields they will fail the inital match process and each record has to have this information added manually to make a match. e.g. of a match  one cross check matches the 000/06 with the 300 $a.

  • They must have valid coding in the 008/23 or 008/29 (form) field.
  • In the 008 (fixed fields) it is essential to have a date in the DATE1 field. This is used for cross-check matching and should match the 260 $c subfield.
  • Changing terms in the 245 $h subfield (GMD) will cause a No-match. E.g. some libraries prefer to use DVD rather than the standard [videorecording]. It is acceptable to add DVD after the accepted term e.g. [videorecording: DVD} but not to omit the correct term altogether. For visual materials the 008/33 must match the 245 $h subfield.


If a library downloads a record from the NUC or OCLC and then changes or corrects the data in their own catalogues and the record is reloaded to the NUC at a later date it may be added as a duplicate record. To avoid this happening here are some suggestions:

  • If a record in the NUC has typographical errors either correct the record on the NUC or notify the National Library at  or for NZNB records (see the 040)
  • avoid altering the order of data in the 245 tag, especially with b, n and p subfields.
  • avoid changing the GMD


For correct matching it is best not to alter the records at all. The matching process is very precise and even inserting a hyphen, full stops in initials or an extra space in the 245 $a field can result in a record failing to match its original on the NUC.