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Please see our Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative page for information pertaining to the future of MARC and bibliographic control.

National Library of New Zealand RDA Policies, Workflows and Maps can be found in the RDA toolkit.

Filed under the Tools tab - Workflows - Global workflows

  • NLNZ RDA Attributes Policy

  • NLNZ RDA Relationships Policy

  • NLNZ Agent and Series Policy

Filed under the Tools tab - Maps - Global maps

  • NLNZ Cartographic Resources Map

  • NLNZ CiP Map

  • NLNZ Monograph Map

  • NLNZ Moving Images Map

  • NLNZ Music Scores Map

  • NLNZ Music Sound Recordings Map

  • NLNZ Non-Music Sound Recordings Map

  • NLNZ Revised editions

  • NLNZ Standards Documents Map

  • NLNZ Websites Map

Last updated: October 4, 2018 (JHS)