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RDA Training Part Four

RDA Training Phase Four

Training sessions are conducted once per week, for a period of 4 hours, and include a mix of presentations, discussion, individual reading and individual practice. Each session ends with a 30 minute question and answer session.

RDA Policy for the NLNZ now sits in the global workflow section of the RDA toolkit as NLNZ RDA Attributes Policy.

Module 1: Manifestations and Items

Week 1

  • Module 1 Presentation: slides 40-63. 
  • Read slides 1-39 in Module 1 Presentation.
  • Practice: Use the toolkit to find the rules referred to in the slides.
  • Still have more time? Look at the RDA seminar presentations here


Week 2 


Week 3 

Module 2: Describing Carriers and Identifying Works

Week 4


Week 5 

  • Discuss exercise from week 4
  • Round the group for questions and issues
  • More practice using the template and applying RDA to less formal print publications 
  • Look at presentations from the Catsig RDA Seminar if you haven't seen them all yet.


Week 6 

Module 3: Works and Expressions

Week 7 

Module 4: Attibutes of persons, families and corporate bodies  

Week 8

Module 5: Relationships 

Week 9


Week 10

  • No presentation this week 
  • Discuss relationships module from the previous week
  • Continue to create full RDA records, using the sample template from last week and any monograph resource of your choice


Week 11