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About holdings records-

The holdings records  in the NUC describe which libraries hold an item and, if it is a serial or multi-part work, the extent of their holding. The National Union Catalogue (NUC) contains MARC21 holdings records linked to MARC21 bibliographic records.

Quick Guide for Holdings records


Holdings and Te Puna Webcat-

In Te Puna Webcat holdings information is entered into a web form. For information about adding holdings see the WebCat manual p. 9-10, and Appendix A.


Holdings and the Te Puna Cataloguing Client-

MARC21 holdings records can be created in the Te Puna Cataloguing Client. The record structure in the Te Puna Cataloguing Client is MARC21 Format for Holdings Data (Mfhd). It contains a leader, an 008 fixed field and variable fields. It may also contain one 007 fixed field (optional).  

The Leader in the MARC21 holdings record has the holdings information for three types of bibliographic records identified by codes x, v, or y in the Leader/06 (type of record) 

   1.     Single part items - Leader 06, code x  (e.g. a one volume book, a score, a CD-ROM)

   2.     Multipart items complete or intended to be complete - Leader 06, code v (e.g. a ten volume encyclopedia, a multimedia kit, a set of maps)

   3.     Serial items issued in successive parts and intended to be continued indefinitely - Leader 06, code y. There are some special requirements for e-serials


A Quick Guide has been created based on ANSI/NISO Z39.71 Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items. 

This standard applies to single part, multipart and serial records and to items in any physical or electronic medium.  The data elements specified in ANSI/NISO Z39.71, Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items can be mapped to corresponding MARC holdings format content designation.